New Facebook Explore Feed
You must do this if you want your business posts to show on customers' newsfeed
In a major change for business users, Facebook has split its news feed in two: the newsfeed we all associate with Facebook will retain original content from friends and family, paid ads and sponsored posts, while the Explore Feed will house brand posts from publishers and businesses.

This feed will consist of pages users have subscribed to follow, as well as a selection of other brand posts, based on the Facebook's algorithm tailored by users existing interests.
Simply put, if you want your posts to be seen, just pay. To boost posts for small businesses, $5 is sufficient but bigger businesses should develop a strategy in line with their budgets.
Is there nothing at all that can be done without $$?
Still want to get to your audiences organically? Here are a few tips to help you reach your Facebook audience:

1. Affiliates and influencers should already be part of your strategy, but if you haven't formalised a program or agreement as yet, this should be your first step. Get people to share your brand posts and leverage off their personal news feed reach.

2. Reassess how you spend your advertising budgets on Facebook as you will now have to sponsor posts for them to be seen in the personal newsfeed. One advantage you'll have is that there will be less competition so your ads may perform better – at least until everyone else catches up. If you don't advertise yet, now may be a good time to start.

3. Create and leverage off your company groups. Your targeted audience will still see your posts and encourage people to join your groups.

4. Encourage your audience to engage with your posts - emoji's, liking, commenting and sharing will show up in the primary newsfeed.

5. Educate your audience on the change to their newsfeed so they know where to find your organic posts.
So where is it?
On mobile Facebook app:
- tap the menu button bottom right
- scroll all the way down to the 'Favorites' section
- tap 'Explore Feed.'

On the desktop:
- Look at the left hand side side column
- Find 'Explore'
- Click 'See more'
- At the very bottom you will see 'Explore Feed'

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